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Practice Online Mathematics

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Online Maths tests school children can do at home

Practice Online Mathematics are skills based multiple choice online tests designed for children in the primary and secondary years of schooling

Practice Online Mathematics are ideal as preparation for multiple choice assessments and placement and scholarship tests including:

Our practice problems are developed by our team of Maths experts and test mathematical skills in the areas of Algebra and Patterns, Measures and Units, Number and Arithmetic, Space and Geometry, and Chance and Data.

These tests can be taken at home with as much or little supervision as deemed necessary.

Taking a Practice Online Mathematics Test lets your child demonstrate their skills and practise answering questions within a recommended time frame of approximately one minute per item. After they have answered all the questions, Review Mode can be used to do last minute checks and make changes: an important revision skill for real test preparation. Then, once answers have been submitted, instant feedback is available in the form of a report which can be printed out.

Each parent or tutor is also emailed a comprehensive individual maths report detailing their child’s overall results and their performance in each area assessed. Also included is detailed feedback about each question and how the child performed compared to other children in the same year level.

Children can revisit their question responses for up to 7 days after receiving their results by just logging back in. This allows them to review their questions and results with a parent or tutor, or simply have more time to revise and practise what they got wrong.

Practice Online Mathematics is now available in many countries. Visit our shop to buy now at just AUD$5.50.

Practice Online Mathematics will be released in more countries in the future. If you would like to be advised when Practice Online Mathematics is available in your country, please complete this form.