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Get your maths skills in gear for this year’s HSC

practice online hsc pictureNeed to fine-tune your maths skills before the Higher School Certificate? Then you need Practice Online Mathematics!

Practice Online Mathematics is a new series of interactive maths tests, perfect for basic maths exam preparation. Whether you are studying General Mathematics, Mathematics or Extension 1 or 2, Practice Online offers a unique opportunity for you to exercise your problem solving skills in the lead-up to the HSC.

There is currently one test available at each year level, with each test comprising 40 maths questions across 5 key skill areas: Algebra and Patterns, Chance and Data, Measures and Units, Number and Arithmetic and Space and Geometry.

After solving the problems and submitting your answers, you’ll receive instant feedback in the form of a personalised report. The report summarises both your overall results and your performance in each skill area assessed. Also included is detailed feedback on each individual question, including how your performance compared to other students who previously attempted the question. This provides you with vital insights into areas of strength and weakness, as well as helping you assess how you measure up against other students.

Importantly, you can access your responses for up to 7 days after completing a test, allowing you time to review the material with a teacher or tutor and identify skill areas which may benefit from further revision before the HSC.

Don’t delay: start practising maths now!