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Practice for ICAS - Science

icas spelling pictureSharpen your Science knowledge before you sit ICAS Science by practicing online.

Practice Online Science (POS) are cool stimulating skills based multiple choice online tests designed to be undertaken in the comfort of your own home.

Practice problems are developed by the same team of Science experts that develop the ICAS Science papers. So it stands to reason that these questions test the same scientific skills of interpreting data, applying data, as well as the higher order skills of investigating, reasoning and problem solving, making POS an ideal test to practice for ICAS.
POS tests have exactly the same number of questions as ICAS Science tests at the same level and should be attempted in the same time frame of between one to two minutes per question. After you have answered all the questions, Review Mode can be used to do last minute checks and make changes: an important revision skill for real test preparation.
Feedback is instant.  Once all answers have been submitted you immediately receive a report detailing your overall results and your performance in each skill area assessed, so you can see at a glance your strengths and weaknesses.  Also included is detailed feedback on each individual question, including how your performance compares to that of other students who previously attempted the same question. 

You can revisit your question responses for up to 7 days after receiving your results by just logging back in. This allows you plenty of time to review your questions and results with a parent or tutor, or simply have more time to revise and practice what you got wrong. 

For additional practice, why not try the year level above you as well and, if you get less than 50% of the answers correct then the year level below you may be a better starting place for practice. 

Remember - Practice makes Perfect!

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