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Practice for ICAS - Mathematics

 practice online maths picturePractice, practice, practice ….. you can now hone your Maths skills prior to sitting ICAS Mathematics by practicing online in the comfort of your own home.

Practice Online Mathematics is a fun and exciting new series of interactive maths tests, perfect for preparing you for ICAS Mathematics by offering you a unique opportunity to exercise your problem solving.  There are two tests available at each year level each comprising 40 questions across 5 key skill areas – Algebra and Patterns, Chance and Data, Measures and Units, Number and Arithmetic and Space and Geometry.

Feedback is instant.  You receive a report summarising both your overall results and your performance in each skill area assessed, so you can see at a glance your strengths and weaknesses.  Also included is detailed feedback on each individual question, including how your performance compares to that of other students who previously attempted the same question. 

You can access your test results for up to 7 days after completing the test. This time should be used to review your answers with your parent or tutor who will be able to help you identify skill areas which require further revision. 

For additional practice, why not try the year level above you as well and, if you get less than 50% of the answers correct then the year level below you may be a better starting place to practice. 

Remember - Practice makes Perfect!

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