Educational Assessment Australia


Students from over 20 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Pacific region and the USA participate in ICAS each year.

ICAS is the only assessment program in the world that enables the tracking of individual student performance and progress annually from Years 2 to 12. The test papers are developed by a highly qualified and experienced assessment team and are underpinned by world acknowledged research and methodologies in psychometric measurement and Item Response Theory.

These are some of the things schools, teachers and parents say about ICAS:




"ICAS testing is authentic, higher-end assessment; designed to challenge a student's knowledge and understanding over a spectrum of levels of difficulty. It provides wonderful practice and preparation for our students as they progress through the College towards the Queensland Core Skills Test in Year 12 which consists of two days of high-stakes testing. We do NOT use ICAS results to compare with state, national or international means. We do not use ICAS as a competition to see how many awards our students can gain.

ICAS results are used to provide a detailed picture of a child's/class'/cohort's knowledge and abilities. We then use this information to ask questions about our curriculum, pedagogy and assessment practices. This basically leads to us continually asking 'how can we improve what we do?"

- St. Andrew's Anglican College , QLD, Australia


"At Ballarat Clarendon College we are continually attempting to improve our knowledge of our students’ capability in a range of subjects. The ICAS testing is a useful vehicle for us, as it provides a wealth of information about our students and about our instruction. One of the most intriguing features of the ICAS data is the use of the common scale for comparison of student performance between year levels and between calendar years."

- Reid Smith, Teacher, Ballarat Clarendon College, VIC, Australia


"I feel ICAS is a good tool to practise test taking skills so believe testing in NAPLAN style subjects before NAPLAN each year would be beneficial."

- Donna, Primary School Teacher, NSW, Australia


"I did appreciate the visit from your rep in SA. We had an opportunity to discuss ways of using our data effectively, so that was worthwhile."

- Jennifer, High School Teacher, SA, Australia


"Thank you for the wonderful opportunities you provide to students. Your competitions provide wonderful feedback on my child's progress against others on a state/ national level and having moved from Sydney to the country this is very important. I would like to compliment all who were involved in the organisation of the medal ceremony as well as say that the message to students on 'pride' vs 'arrogance' was one I have already quoted to many."

- Joshua Jones, Parent, NSW, Australia


"I found the video really helpful for understanding what the tests are for."

- NSW parent of Year 3 child


"We celebrate the achievements in these competitions each year at a special Assembly. They are given a high profile and are considered to be prestigious."

- R Holden, Primary School Teacher, VIC, Australia


"Great including the year 2 testing in Maths and English."

- Annette, Special Education Teacher, NT, Australia


"As I teach reasonably bright students (Opportunity Class), I find the ICAS Competitions an excellent diagnostic tool as ALL students are encouraged to participate."

- Raymond, Primary School Teacher, NSW, Australia