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The subjects assessed in ICAS are Digital Technologies, English, Mathematics, Science, Spelling and Writing. Each year, a team of subject experts develop the tests with reference to the curriculum. Our experts write skills-based assessments designed to assess the level of competency a student possesses in each subject area.

For more information on the individual subject areas, click on the corresponding subject icon below.
Digital TechnologiesDigital Technologies Information Communication and Technology (ICT) skills drawn from a range of curriculum areas and focussing on a variety of computing contexts, including:
  • Common operating systems and hardware
  • Graphics and multimedia
  • Internet and email
  • Programming and scripting
  • Spreadsheets and databases
  • Word processing
EnglishEnglish Reading and language skills in a range of texts. Students are required to locate, identify, interpret, infer and synthesise information in and about texts, focusing on the aspects of:
  • Reading for meaning in factual texts
  • Reading for meaning in literary texts
  • Syntax
  • Writer’s Craft
  • Vocabulary
MathematicsMathematics Mathematical skills in a range of contexts from the following areas:
  • Algebra and patterns
  • Chance and data
  • Measures and units
  • Number and arithmetic
  • Space and geometry

Scientific skills in the subject contexts of Earth and Beyond, Energy and Change, Life and Living, Natural and Processed Materials.

The following skill areas are covered:

  • Observing and measuring
  • Interpreting data
  • Applying data
  • Investigating
  • Higher-order skills
SpellingSpelling Spelling of words that range from simple spelling patterns to difficult or unusual spelling patterns, in four different contexts:
  • Applying rules and conventions
  • Dictation
  • Error correction
  • Proofreading
WritingWriting Constructing an aspect of a narrative text or a form of persuasive writing, demonstrating:
  • Language choices that enhance the writing
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
  • Syntax and grammar
  • Text purpose and structure