Educational Assessment Australia

Hints and Tips

icas image hints and tipsBefore the test

During the test

  • Try to relax and enjoy yourself; too much tension may prevent you from thinking clearly.
  • Do not look at the time too often - this reduces your time doing the actual test.

For multiple choice questions

  • Make sure you shade in the bubble next to the right question number.
  • Read each question carefully and choose the best answer from the options given.
  • If you are not sure of the answer, cross out the options you know are wrong and then decide between what is left.
  • If you are doing the English paper, read the whole passage before you start answering the questions.

When a difficult question is taking a very long time

  • Circle the question so that you can go back to it later.
  • Move on to the next question.
  • Be careful to record the following answer next to the correct question number. It is easy to get mixed up if you don’t check.
  • Go back to the questions you missed at the end if you have enough time.

After the test

  • At the end of the test time, check that you haven’t left out any questions.
  • If you have done the Writing test, take care to read through your writing again after you have finished and edit your work for errors in expression, spelling and punctuation.
  • Remember, it's not the end of the world if you feel you didn't do well this time.