Educational Assessment Australia

ICAS and the Curriculum

Since 2006, each ICAS subject has been aligned to its own assessment framework. These frameworks were developed by carefully examining the curriculum of each Australian state and indentifying common content, skills and overarching principles. In addition curriculum documents from other countries, including New Zealand, Singapore and the United Kingdom were looked at. This process of identifying the common aspects of each subject across Australia and overseas curricula has allowed ICAS to operate independently of any given curriculum while remaining relevant to what is taught in classrooms.

With the development of the Australian Curriculum we have continued to review our assessment frameworks to ensure they remain relevant.  We have been pleased to find broad agreement between our English, Mathematics, Science and Spelling frameworks and the proposed curricula in Mathematics, Science and English which includes Writing and Spelling. Similarly we believe the skills and content tested in ICAS Digital Technologies falls within the Australian Curriculum’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) cross-curricula capability. More detailed explanations of how a given ICAS subject relates to the Curriculum is available on request.

ICAS can form part of the evidence schools can use to monitor growth.  If a school takes ICAS annually, then the tracking data seen in our English, Mathematics, Science and Writing reports can assist with the systematic collection of student test data, establish where individual students are in their learning, diagnose details of student learning and monitor learning progress across the years of school.