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Features and Benefits

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School benefits

For your school, the General Achievement Test (GAT) can be used:

  • to determine class composition within a cohort
  • to assess groups of students applying to enter your school
  • to assess skills at the beginning of a school year.

GAT is a flexible and convenient assessment that can be administered by your school as these needs arise.

Other features:

  • results dispatched within 10 days of answer booklets being received by UNSW Global Assessments.
  • fast turn-around of results within 10 days of being received by UNSW Global Assessments for marking.
  • student results and reports emailed to you at school.

Schools receive

The GAT test package contains:

  • test booklets
  • answer booklets
  • an administration guide.

The GAT report package contains:

  • six separate school reports
  • an Excel spreadsheet containing raw scores for all students tested and their ranking within the school cohort
  • individual student reports with UNSW Global logo and a space to insert your own school logo

You can download a sample GAT report package (PDF) or a copy of the GAT Information Flyer (PDF) for quick reference.

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