Educational Assessment Australia

Mission, Vision, Objectives and Values

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Educational Assessment Australia’s mission is to develop and provide evidence based products and services that assess knowledge and skills, promote learning and educational performance, meeting the needs of families, governments and private institutions worldwide.


Educational Assessment Australia will be recognised as an international leader in educational assessment and related services.


  • To use our expertise in test development, data analysis and reporting to ensure all assessments produced use and develop best practice principles.
  • To increase our clients’ ability to develop optimal educational outcomes for students.
  • To ensure parents have every opportunity to understand their child’s educational development.
  • To ensure students are assessed with an engaging and supportive range of material.


Educational Assessment Australia is committed to the key values of quality, integrity and sustainability. We believe that these values are integral to maintain the high standards of product and service delivered to our customers and to the continued success and future growth of our organisation.